Love is…putting someone else's needs before yours, like, how Kristoff brought you back here to Hans and left you forever.

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The longest running human character on Nickelodeon is Stacey Dillsen who first appeared on Zoey 101 in 2006 as a recurring role and lastly appeared on Sam & Cat in 2013 for one episode. Well known as the girl with the lisp and obsessed with cotton swabs.

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All these people think Nathan’s been in hiding since iCarly, when really he’s been in clear view, especially this year. 

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So my blog did a thing

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Saw a picture with freddy benson in a bear suit captioned “Five nights at Freddys”Inspired me to make a gif of it

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For in the other Kingdom, The Moors, lived every manner of strange and wonderful creature, and they needed neither King nor Queen. But trusted in one another. In a great tree on a great cliff in The Moors, lived one such spirit. You might take her for a girl, but she was not just any girl. She was a fairy. And her name was Maleficent.

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Disney Bedrooms

I’m nearly sixteen and I want them all.

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"Do you think they have sandwiches there?"

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Endless favorite Disney screencaps:

Tangled (2010)

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